In search of ‘Nothing’ – ‘Something’

The old Japanese concept of ‘ma’ – small, barely visible moments! 

‘interval’ ; ‘between’ ….something that is neither space nor time.

Arts – omission or white space

Architecture – tension or calm, Music – silence between cordsStage productions ; flower arrangements ; etiquette – bowing with short breaks, to show respect to the person in front of you

Conversations silence is part of the conversation

‘Nothing’ can also be ‘something’

B0CE9BF9-0C62-45F9-B65C-22671EEC6AEAPresspausestudio is a space for creating – connecting – exchanging.

PressPausestudio offers occasional pop-up printmaking, drawing and painting workshops

PressPauseStudio publishes and markets prints produced in the PressPauseStudio space by Tessa Teixeira, and her works produced in collaboration with master printmakers. 

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