In search of ‘Nothing’ – ‘Something’

The old Japanese concept of ‘ma’ – small, barely visible moments! 

‘interval’ ; ‘between’ ; something that is neither space nor time.

Arts – omission or white space

Architecture – tension or calm, Music – Silence between cordsStage productions ; flower arrangements ; etiquette – bowing with short breaks, to show respect to the person in front of you

Conversations silence is part of the conversation

‘Nothing’ can also be ‘something’


Presspausestudio is a space for creating – connecting – exchanging. Visiting artists are invited to come spend some time to flow@PressPause. The PressPause studio offers occasional pop–up printmaking, drawing and painting workshops and focuses mainly on producing small prints in workshops offered.  Plates are no larger than 15 by 20cm and all series are small Editions or once off monotype works.

‘PressPauseStudio’ publishes and markets all prints produced by Tessa Teixeira, in the Presspausestudio space and in collaboration with master printmakers at various professional printmaking studios, locally and internationally.  

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