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PressPause Studio invites and offers visiting artists to spend a bit of time in the PressPauseStudio space to 


No set formula, No set agenda, No set expectation, No set obligation, No Ego


Invited visiting artists have access to the studio space for a maximum period of a week   (5 full working days), where basic equipment such as the Intaglio Printing Press, can be used freely,  but all other consumable materials, required for the production of work, (that isn’t an upfront agreed joint – cost sharing collaboration with Tessa), is for the artists account. Artists are advised to bring their own consumable materials for the weeks exchange, and if they are unable to, because of travel restrictions, the studio will provide it at a market related cost and sourcing mark-up fee.

Pop-up ‘Open Studio workshops‘ are offered by PressPause Studio

Pop-up details are posted on Instagram pages – Presspausestudio ( & Tessateixeira.artpractice ( or should you wish to receive an email with specifics and details before a  ‘pop-up‘ workshop, send Tessa an email on 


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